New monitors and displays launched and demonstrated at IBC from Sony, JVC, Barco, Philips, Ikegami and Vutrix.
  • Sony expanded its range of Trimaster monitors with a technology demonstration of its 42 inch 3D professional monitor and 3.8k 56” monitor. The company also launched the BVM-L170, a BVM monitor with a 17 inch screen size. This is the first in the range that can be powered with 24v DCsupply, which means it can be operated outdoors. A second launch was the PVM-L2300, an LCD monitor that has slightly wider tolerances and is consequently less expensive than the PVM-L2300.

  • JVC announced new 20” and 24” versions of the DT-V HD multi-format LCD monitors, the V20L3D and the V24L3D. These include a superimposed waveform monitor and feature latency of less than one frame, which makes them suitable for critical OB and studio applications. The company also demoed a 56 inch 4K LCD monitor with a view to gauging customer demand.

  • Barco demoed its SMV-116 multi-viewer with 16 3Gbps inputs that can be shown as a single mosaic on its high res screen. The technology would suit a situation where space is at a premium such as OB-vans, editing suites and master control rooms. The show also saw the first production units of the company's RHDM-2301 reference monitor. The company claims it offers unrivalled colour accuracy, image stability and motion handling. Features include a true 10-bit high-speed flat panel and scanning LED backlight technology as well as embedded stabilisation and calibration technology. The screens will begin shipping in November.

  • Philips gave a European debut to its immersive 3D display range featuring lenticular lens technology which means viewers don't have to wear 3D glasses to view a 3D image. A lenticular lens comprises an array of magnifying lenses designed so that when viewed from slightly different angles different images are magnified and can give the illusion of depth. The largest exhibit was a 3 x 3 multi-screen 3D display wall. Philips argues that such an deployment would serve a commercial purpose by enhancing brand and product awareness in large public spaces. A mounting rig, media streamer computers, control software and 3D content creation tools are included in the package. Philips' also exhibited a series of 3-D autostereoscopic monitors, developed for professional use. These ranged in size from 8 inches to 52 inches.

  • Ikegami unveiled four new HD/SD broadcast monitors at IBC: the HLM-2450WR, a 24-inch HD/SD LCD monitor; the HLM-1711WR, a 17-inch HD/SD LCD monitor; and the HLM-920WR and WP, both widescreen 9" HD/SD LCD monitors. .

  • Vutrix presented a series of monitors designed to display 1080p images. These included 24 and 26 inch single and quad displays with 1920 x 1200 pixel resolution - these supplement the company's displays which range from 4 to 46 inches. Models include integrated UMD, Tally and audio presence meters and an extensive range of image control, including gamma and colour temperature adjustment, image position and caging control; as well as Vutrix's image processing.