The world's first transatlantic high-definition stereoscopic 3D broadcast will take place at next month's IBC technology exhibition.

An interview with DreamWorks Animation SKG chief executive Jeffrey Katzenberg in Los Angeles will be captured on multi-camera stereoscopic equipment using technology from 3Ality Digital.

It will then be delivered by Arqiva to a conference audi-torium in Amsterdam. Once the signals are inside the RAI Centre, a 3Ality decoder will pass the left and right eye signals to projection company Christie, which will play the interview to more than 1,000 delegates.

Viewers will wear a pair of Real D polarised over-glasses to view the stereoscopic images.

“Stereo 3D is still in its infancy in many ways” explained 3Ality chief executive Steven Schklair. “We have been making impressive 3D movies but live transmissions bring their own unique challenges.

“Like every live show, there's less time to make corrections and no room for error. One of the big challenges has also been how to keep the parallel signals in perfect synchronisation. That's a special challenge over satellite links where atmospheric conditions can be problematic.”

To overcome this issue, 3ality will multiplex the 3D signals into a single 2D signal for transmission. At the receiving end the 2D signal will then be unwrapped back into a 3D picture.

3ality will use two camera rigs for the acquisition. This will allow them to demonstrate that 3D pictures can be cut and mixed live.

The Katzenberg interview will air at IBC on Sunday 14 September.