IBIS will put together a replica television newsroom at NAB to showcase how its kit can control and manage a mixed Mac and PC set-up featuring other manufacturers' hardware and software.

Working under IBIS control the newsroom will feature ingest from Omneon's Spectrum server and editing on Apple Final Cut Pro.

Content will then ‘play-to-air' via IBIS ServerPlay with a MOS (Media Server Communications Protocol) gateway on Associated Press's ENPS newsroom.

IBIS will also show the bulk movement of material back and forth between Sony XDCAM discs on XDCart and an Avid newsroom environment.

IBIS Highlighter, the sports capture application, and web-based media asset management tool IBIS iFind will also be on show. iFind is used by ITN and BBC Regions to handle the search for information throughout their news operations.

IBIS (Integrated Broadcast Information Systems) builds media asset management systems.