Natascha Cadle is facility director of Envy Post.
  • How is Envy managing to buck the trend and grow the business in a market that is supposed to be contracting?
    Timing and forward planning are key. Meeting client demand and investing in the best staff are also very important.

  • What are the secrets of coming through tough times?
    There is no secret, we are experiencing them. It depends how you set yourself up from the start - you need to look after your cash flow.

  • You say you make money from offline - how is this possible when margins in this area are being squeezed?
    Offline is very much part of our business and we make it work. It's important to get right and our offline rooms look like online rooms, which might help.

  • What do you think of the way most facilities are run?
    We can't be too worried about how others are doing it, although I am aware that certain post houses give things away, such as digitising and offlines. This might be good in the short term but it just damages the industry as a whole - and is not something that Envy would want to get involved in. You need to -protect your brand.

  • What are the growth areas in post?
    The commitment to the new generation of cameras, like the Red, will really push HD to the forefront and for the first time you will see film becoming second place for people who shoot high-end programmes and ads for television. The growth in HD post will be substantial.