Ionoco will provide the game-control and graphics system for the Chinese version of gameshow The Million Second Quiz.

The big budget format involves contestants going head to head in battles of knowledge and endurance to win a cash jackpot.

The Chinese version of the show, which will debut on 30 September, will be played live for seven days and eight nights, after which the winner will walk away with a cash prize of around £100,000.

Ionoco’s bespoke game-control system, which uses synchronised GPS time clocks, will provide over 40 redundant graphics feeds to multiple on set screens and transmission from one single operation point.

The feeds include questions and answer graphics, leader-boards, contestant touch screens, eyeline monitors, producer and host information feeds which will run continuously for the duration of the eight-day event.

Ionoco chief executive Simon Ingram said: “We felt very privileged to provide the glue to bind technology and creativity to the first ever Million Second Quiz in the US.

“But this opportunity to work in China with one of the world’s most successful online platforms is truly fascinating.

“We’re immensely proud that our company has become the global go-to provider of innovative and, most importantly, reliable technology for many of the world’s most successful formats.”

Other Ionoco-powered features will include playout of all game sound effects and lighting triggers across the two stages.

Two elements of the show are played by the leading four contestants on wireless tablets via Ionoco’s dedicated Android platform. 

The system UI has been configured with bilingual controls and will be operated by local staff and supported by an on-site Ionoco team.

The All3Media-originated format has been introduced to China by Clouds Intelligence Ltd and is produced in China by Mango TV.

Mango TV is the internet platform of Hunan Broadcasting System, China’s second largest television network behind state broadcaster CCTV.

It will debut in China on September 30.