ionoco and Content Guru have fused together their Storm and graphics technologies to create a new end-to-end innovation designed to help producers create participation TV formats.

Formally launched during Mipcom this week, the jointly developed and marketed product is called ionostorm. It will enable mass viewer participation on game shows and quizzes, competitions, call TV, voting and real-time opinion polling.

It provides viewer response and profiling capabilities that can track and dramatise viewer interactions live on screen.

Ionostorm combines Content Guru's Storm -, the Deloitte-audited mass interactive communications platform - with ionoco's graphics technology, which provides on-screen graphics presentation.

Data is collected from SMS, phone and web interactions by Storm. This is then sent to Ionoco's graphics technology which generates the 2D and 3D images in real-time.

The production company maintains full control of the look and feel of the graphics. Tens of thousands of calls can be handled in one go.

If used on phone-in competitions it can also select a winner in a way that is compliant with Ofcom's rules on participation TV.

David Walton, co-founder and chairman of ionoco said: “The integration of ionoco's world-leading technology with Content Guru's storm has resulted in an end-to-end product that will put participation TV well and truly back on the agenda.”