Post-production, subtitling and restoration firm ITFC has become one of the first facilities in the UK to install Snell’s Archangel Ph.C-HD restoration system.

The Snell kit will allow Deluxe-owned ITFC to offer SD and HD real-time restoration services, which the west London-based firm said would help its clients exploit the value of their existing content.

Director of video operations David Willis said ITFC had been involved in the testing and evaluation of the Snell system.

“The main benefit is that it can offer exceptional results in real time - so as well as the end results looking visually stunning, the cost of restoration can be significantly reduced,” Willis said.

“Where a 100-minute movie could take more than 30 hours of intervention on alternative systems, the skill of our operators and the processing power of the Archangel Ph.C-HD means that this can often be done in a single real-time pass.”