Jigsaw Systems and 3DRigs.com will demo a camera rig at Broadcast Video Expo that calculates the correct interaxial and convergence settings for a stereo 3D shoot.

Designed for productions using digital cinema cameras or high definition video cameras, the 3D Pro Ultra Rig uses an onboard computer, coupled with Pro Rig software, to work out the settings based on the camera and lens configuration.

Advanced motion control technology and hybrid stepper motors then set the cameras to their correct positions for optimum accuracy during operation.

The Rig can be switched between two modes:

“Mirror Mode” uses a 50:50 beam splitter mirror housed in a slide on matte box. The Mirror can be adjusted on two axis to get perfect alignment for various camera and lens configurations.

“Side By Side Mode” allows for greater inter axial distances to be achieved and with the add on matte box standard 6” filter trays can be inserted.

A wireless interface and joystick control will be available soon.

Russ Bowden of 3DRigs.com and Jigsaw Systems will demo the rig at Broadcast Video Expo (16-18 February) on stand I-30.