Multiplatform producer Lane Fabian Jones (LFJ) has forged a strategic partnership with a Los Angeles-based music and sound design company to create exclusive soundtracks for all its family entertainment TV, interactive
and film properties.

The agreement is with Machine Head, a company renowned for its work in commercials and video games.

The two companies are currently working on their fi rst project, MeeMiks, a musical animation series for children.

Machine Head is developing music designed to create a strong brand for the show and build on the emotion and narrative for the design and animation of its characters.

Machine Head founder Stephen Dewey said: “Being involved right from the early stages means we have been able to make music and sound integral to the property and its characters.”

MeeMiks is being developed using LFJ-GEM, a proprietary technology that uses unique compression techniques to deliver film-quality content on TV budgets and schedules.

LFJ is run by Thunderbirds director David Lane and producer Michele Fabian Jones.