SGO UK is to use Light Illusion’s Steve Shaw as a consultant as it looks to further develop the market for its stereo 3D capable Mistika finishing system.

Shaw will provide technical and creative support as well as ‘endorsement’ for Mistika.

The colourist and DI supervisor spent 16 years at Quantel, the company behind an alternative 3D-capable finishing system called Pablo.

Shaw said: “Recent advances in off-the-shelf PC systems, GPU processing, and storage hardware, combined with some unique software developments and ground breaking creative tools, has enabled European Developer, SGO to bring its Mistika finishing system to the forefront of the market.” 

Light Illusion’s consultancy services have been used by manufacturers such as Quantel, Cintel, OmniTek and Cine-tal.

Shaw has also been contracted to help post-production operations including the Moving Picture Company, India’s Gemini Lab and the Cinecitta film studios in Rome.

Geoff Mills, the director of sales and operations at SGO UK said: “The partnership with Light Illusion will help to propel Mistika’s brand. [Steve] will add immense value with his extensive experience of international business for high technology companies and of developing services with notable success.”