Sangat TV, the Birmingham-based charity broadcaster that rose to fame during last week’s riots, used LiveU’s LU60 units for its live coverage.

Sangat TV’s cameras were connected to the video-over-cellular units carried by the camera operator in a backpack (pictured).

LiveU said its flagship LU60 product is the industry’s first bonded 3G/4G LTE video-over-cellular uplink backpack with proprietary RF technology for “superior resiliency” and up to 1080 video.

Sangat TV leased the technology to provide live coverage of religious events in the UK and Europe, but as trouble flared across the UK Sangat TV was contacted by a local councillor in the Handsworth area of Birmingham to make an appeal for calm.

Sangat TV’s subsequent on-the-ground footage of the riots was later picked up by Sky News.

The Sikh-based religious channel launched on September 1 last year on Sky channel 847.