Loft London has been commissioned to ingest 800 hours of back catalogue children's programming for The Digital Media Centre (DMC) in Amsterdam.

The content will be used for the Central Europe launch of kid channel Jetix.

Robin Kroes, vice president of commercial, operations and corporate development at DMC said: “Our partnership with Loft London enables ingest of content close to our client's location, and delivery to DMC using our recently launched digital delivery system.

“With clients located as far afield as Central Eastern Europe, Asia and the USA, DMC will continue to work on innovative solutions to overcome the hurdle of distance between our clients and the playout operation.”

The DMC currently provides Jetix with end-to-end play-out. It launched its Hungarian/Czech channel feed on 1 February 2009.

Loft London is a boutique duplication and digital media facility in South London.

Picture: Total Drama Island, a Jetix show.