Police arrested a man in Soho last week after he tried to dupe a facilities company into hiring him camera kit worth£60,000.

Kynelle Media Services was asked to provide a Sony F900 camera and a HDW-M2000 HD recorder to a Mr Michael S [name changed], who in turn was required to provide a deposit and proof of ID.

Following a tip off, it was discovered Mr S was using a false identity. Police arrested the man for trying to obtain goods by deception.

Kynelle managing director Paul Jackman said" We have a lot of new customers coming through our door and we have to be extra vigilant on each one.”

The fraudsters jumped through all the hoops in an effort to obtain the equipment, completing a credit application and supplying a copy of insurance documents in advance.

Along with the fake driving licence Mr Samuels presented two utilities bills and£1,200 in cash to pay for the hire.

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