Omneon and Pro-Bel are working together on a new storage, management and automation set-up for television broadcasters.

The two companies have bolted together Pro-Bel's Morpheus automation and media management systems with Omneon MediaGrid active storage and Omneon media server products.

The combined set-up gives broadcasters a storage and playout infrastructure under the control of one management system.

An example of the pooled resource is currently being used by Turner Entertainment in London (pictured).

At Turner:

  • Omneon Spectrum servers, under the control of the Pro-Bel Morpheus system, manage content flow and playout for 20 channels.

  • The Omneon MediaGrid provides central online storage, holding an inventory of several months of content so that on-air Spectrum servers can be populated with material as needed.

  • The Morpheus media management suite manages the movement of material from and to the MediaGrid, assuring that the required material is available on the Spectrum servers.

The Omneon/Pro-Bel set-up can be made bigger or smaller depending on requirements. This allows it to be marketed to most types of broadcaster from small regional to large international.

Geoff Stedman, vice president of worldwide marketing for Omneon said: “The recent growth of distribution channels and digital content requires that broadcast operations implement intelligent solutions for storage and management of content as it moves through a facility.

“MediaGrid provides facilities with immediate access to a vast pool of centralized content, and Pro-Bel's Morpheus gives them the ability to move and track those materials with the assurance that they will be available when needed.”

Pro-Bel is exhibiting at Broadcast Live and Video Forum.