Digital Production Partnership (DPP)-certified kit for the file-based delivery of programmes could be available by the end of July, after 23 manufacturers signed up to the cross-broadcaster group’s compliance programme.

The DPP is working with the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) on the scheme that will allow the use of the AMWA and DPP brands on certified kit to help the industry identify “trusted” products ahead of the shift to file delivery in October.

Broadcast understands that Sony, Adobe and Avid are expected to join the 23 firms that have signed up to the programme, which will address file integrity and tools for AQC (automated quality control).

DPP technical standards lead and chief technology officer for broadcast and distribution at Channel 4 Kevin Burrows said: “At the moment, manufacturers can say their kit is DPP-compliant, but that doesn’t necessarily mean anything - that is why we are specifying what those criteria are.

“It is important that files will work across playout servers and move between asset management servers.”

The DPP will host a manufacturer interoperability day on 30 June where the criteria of around 100 checks will be tested before the certification process begins. “The hard work is getting the criteria in place,” said Burrows.

“It will probably be the end of July before we are able to put a stamp on products, but before that we should be able to say whether kit is compliant or not, and we will keep a list of compliant products on the DPP website.”

Burrows added that he expected to see a “flurry” of certified equipment on show at IBC in September.

Members of the DPP Compliance Programme

Amberfin (A Dalet Company)

Axon Digital Design

Blue Lucy

Cambridge Research Systems



Emotion Systems

ERA (on behalf of Venera Technologies)


Front Porch Digital


Interra Systems


MOG Technologies


Nugen Audio




Tektronix UK



Wohler Technologies