Cinema 4D developer Maxon has entered into a strategic alliance with Adobe.

The companies are working on building a pipeline between Adobe’s After Effects and Cinema 4D to create a “seamless” 2D to 3D workflow.

After Effects senior product manager Steve Forde said: “The current interoperability exists between these two applications but, at a fundamental level, they don’t really talk to each other in a way that’s super productive.

“With this relationship announcement you have two companies who focus on being the very best at what they do.

“The alliance between Adobe and Maxon allows us to be very creative in how After Effects and Cinema 4D work together now and in the future.” 

Harald Egel, co-founder and chief executive of Maxon, added: “Cinema 4D is a leading 3D solution, and the one After Effects users have come to know and love because of its ease-of-use, speed, stability and especially tight integration with the 2D compositing application.

“We look forward to continued collaboration between our programming and marketing teams to ensure that the interoperability of our software products makes a positive impact on artists seeking to easily and fully integrate 3D into their production pipelines.”