Media Junction, the advertising agency, is making a green screen studio in Soho available to third parties.

The purpose-built shooting space covers an entire floor of the company’s new Archer Street building and will be used both as an in-house and an external facility.

It is being touted for multicamera interviews as well as commercials, music and TV promo production, web presentations and casting sessions.

Managing director Giles Cooper said: “We have been a client of other London green screen and photographic studios for many years, but we became increasingly dissatisfied with their size, location and lack of a decent area for clients to relax in, so we had one professionally built.”

The studio features a U-Shaped floor-to-ceiling infinity Cyc measuring 7.5 metres x 5 metres x 7.5 metres and is pre-lit with Photon Beard lighting.

Satellite up-link and access to crews and post facilities is also available, along with separate make-up and dressing rooms.

Suzanne Baker-Downes is heading up the studio.