London-based Mediasmiths has completed a project to simplify and streamline Swedish broadcaster TV4’s technology portfolio.

Mediasmiths said it had been a challenge for the broadcaster to maintain and manage the variety of standards it had integrated into its business.

The deal involved the media technology consultants implementing a new open source solution to enable TV4 to integrate internal and external systems.

General Manager at Mediasmiths in the Nordics, Peter Henebäck, said that previously TV4 had point solutions for integration that were built with different technologies, from batch scripts and database-stored procedures to stand-alone Java applications that connected in-house applications.

“How the integrations connected different applications depended on the needs of the individual project, meaning that some were done with direct database connections and others through XML or flat file export and processing.

“Deployed integrations have been maintained and supported, often using in-house developers.”

Henebäck added that a consolidated open source Mule ESB environment has now been deployed and that all communication between applications will be over encrypted web service connections.

TV4 head of development Jan Rizvi said: “The integration environment that Mediasmiths has helped us develop provides us with the flexibility we need as an organisation as well as a clear structure for integrations in a way that we simply have not had before.”