Meduza today launched the Titan, a single body 3D camera aimed at the broadcast sector.

The manufacturer claims the camera is “the first fully controllable, lightweight, 3D precision single HD camera with 1080p dual sensors”.

The camera (pictured) has two 1080p CMOS sensors and records at 24fps to 120fps.

It has a motorised inter-axial, accurate to 1 micron. Convergence is accurate to 1/1000 of a degree. 

“There is no doubt that content is king when it comes to driving the television market and right now there clearly isn’t enough 3D television content being produced,” said Chris Cary, chief executive of 3D Visual Enterprises, the UK parent company of Meduza.

“An unquestionable demand has been established in the 3D equipment marketplace where currently there is a void for a camera with the versatility of the Titan.” 

The manufacturer said the camera would be suited to on-the-fly sports field coverage, and that with the control systems integrated inside the camera it would be “a powerful tool” for documentary as well as narrative producers in studios and on location.

Cary said the camera was released earlier than planned in response to the demands of TV.

“The huge effort being made by Sky in the UK and other broadcasters to unlock the possibilities with 3D for broadcasters has shifted the underlying demand to television,” he said. 

The camera joins the modular Meduza MK1, which was released earlier this year at IBC. The manufacturer said the cameras are intended to compliment, rather than replace, 3D rigs.

Priced at $55,000 (£34,000), the camera can be ordered with a C-mount or the new Meduza mount for Meduza matched pair prime lens series Delta 4KS3D. 

The camera is being previewed at US trade show Createasphere on Wednesday 2 November, with deliveries to take place in late December.