Meduza Systems has begun shipping the Titan 3D, a single-stereo camera, with Berlin-based rental house Tectum taking first orders.

Meduza made waves at NAB 2010 with its concept of a custom- isable, 4K and 3D camera in a single body, with its optics designed to be exchangeable with the camera body. That camera, the MK 1, was delayed subject to the development of the sensors, and the company turned its attention to an HD variant, the Titan.

The MK 1 concept has now been merged with Titan, explained chief executive Chris Cary. “The Titan delivers 1080-2K up to 60 frames a second using a standard head and a standard body. The next body for the camera will be for high- speed photography that allows the standard head to shoot up to 340fps [at 2K],” he said.

“The next head after that will have a 4K sensor, so the high- speed body will also be capable of 4K at high frame rates.”

Meduza has embarked on a tour to demonstrate the technology. Cary added: “We now have the camera to prove to indies and broadcasters how flexible shooting 3D TV can be.”

Titan weighs 5kg and features two HD 1080p CMOS sensors, with convergence claimed to be accu- rate to 1/1,000 of a degree. The unit can be operated with 3ality Technica wireless control hardware, 3Ality mobile apps or controllers from Preston and cmotion.

The body costs £35,000, the electronics £3,000 and a set of eight matched pair lenses £55,000.A rental package is around £2,000 a day.