Marquis Broadcast has come up with a new feature for its Medway transfer and format conversion software that allows editors to move an entire sequence between Final Cut Pro (FCP) and Avid Media Composer in a single drag-and-drop operation.

The innovation will give facilities more flexibility by allowing them to move edit jobs between systems quickly and efficiently.

Granby Patrick, a partner and director of technology at Marquis Broadcast, said: “The new Avid-FCP sequence transfer feature will give our joint customers a further option for creating powerful and cost-effective workflows.”

To complete the move, Medway translates the EDL (edit decision list) structure and moves all the required media from one system to the other. It carries out file conversions on the fly, so the edit can be continued once the media arrives at its new destination.

Medway is being used by Siemens as part of the BBC's Digital Media Initiative and by ITV within its The London Studios facility.

It will be on show at NAB, integrated with digital broadcasting applications from SGL, Seachange International, Bycast, IPV, Omneon and Blue Order.