Molinare director Steve Milne has left the Soho post house almost seven years to the day after he and fellow director Mark Foligno bought it from the TV Corporation.

Milne, who helped Molinare grow from an annual turnover of £5.3m a year to more than £10m, is moving into film financing and production with his own start-up company.

Milne and Foligno sold their controlling stake in Molinare to Century Communications in 2008.

He stepped down as chief executive last year.

Milne said: “There is no easy way to leave a company like Molinare but there is a new chapter for me personally in Film Finance and Production and I feel the need to be free to dream once more.”

Molinare has worked on more than 200 feature films since 2005 and has invested in a number of British independent movies, most notably the Bafta-award winning Moon.

Last weeks Toronto Film Festival saw the premieres of seven feature films in which Molinare had played a part including Tom Hooper’s The Kings Speech (pictured) which won the audience award on Sunday night.

Milne already has seven projects in different stages of development.

The first is The Lady Who Went Too Far written by David Seidler.