Mitsubishi has introduced two new high-end LaserVue consumer HDTV sets that produce twice the colour output of a standard consumer HDTV.

Revealed to an audience of journalists and industry observers at a World Premiere event in San Antonio, Texas last week, the 65” and 73” models were both straight off the production line and the only units in existence at the time.

The 6-colour processor and LaserVue Light Engine at the heart of the L65-A90 and the L73-A90 produce twice the colour output of a standard consumer HDTV, which is almost twice the colour gamut for BT.709, the standard for HD content.

Both models boast 1080p resolution, “Plush1080p” up-conversion for lower resolution signals and 120Hz image interpolation, which Mitsubishi has named "Smooth120Hz".

They have four HDMI 1.3a ports, three component inputs (two on the back, one on the front), a PC/DVI port (with dedicated audio-ins), a port for a stereoscopic 3-D glasses emitter, two RF antenna inputs and an S-Video input.

Technically, they are DLP sets, but physically, they are somewhere between a Plasma/LCD and a DLP set in size.

They are energy-efficient too. The 65” LaserVue only consumes 135 watts. That is about a third of the power requirement of an LCD, and 25% of that required by a Plasma.

With electricity prices in the UK so high, British consumers will be glad of the saving.

The quoted US retail price is a penny under $7,000.