Molinare has completed post-production on live action 3D feature Mortician 3D and is about to start work on editing the live action sequences for a stereo animated short called The Flying Machine.

The £4m Mortician 3D (pictured) is a co-production between the UK’s Full Circle Films and Belladonna Productions in New York.

Molinare invested in a Dolby projection system and JVC 3D monitor for the project which it edited on Final Cut Pro.

“Everything is pretty much bleeding edge,” explained Richard Wilding, Molinare’s senior editing manager.

“We’re trying to devise an affordable 3D workflow. A key part of that is going to be finding a smooth workflow for geometric corrections and a route that can also be applied to broadcast 3D TV projects.”

Mortician 3D was shot in Louisiana with Red and SI-2K cameras on Element Technica rigs supplied by New York-based OffHollywood.

Breakthru Films’ The Flying Machine, inspired by the music of composer Frederick Chopin, is the world’s first stop motion animation to also combine live action in stereo 3D.

The live action sequences, which are being edited at Molinare, were shot on Sony EX3’s and conformed with the stop motion frames captured on a Canon SLR D5.

The animated portion of the film was shot and edited at Breakthru Films studios in Lodz, Poland.

Additional rendering, compositing and CG set extension was completed at facilities in China and India

Molinare is also contributing final grade and digital cinema print mastering ready for release in 2011.