Post house Molinare is preparing to relaunch the business, with a campaign to target high-end UK drama and plans to set up a base in the US.

The revamped Soho facility has undergone a major refit, with £7m spent on new kit andbuilding work over the past two years.

It will open next week (16 June), when a new logo will also be unveiled.

Owner Century Communications is expected to play a more active role in the management of the business, with the India-based media group taking its own office in the refurbished premises.

Molinare is currently recruiting staff for the US business, where it will hope to capitalise on the success of The King’s Speech, which it part-financed and provided the VFX for.

Molinare chief executive Scott Holmgren said: “We are looking to increase our VFX headcount and expand into the US.”