Drivedata, the independent technology company founded by ex-Thundersaloon racer John Chambers, is introducing a new digital video and audio transmission system.

Drivedata LL4 works over several kilometres and operates around buildings and other obstacles.

Although it has its origins in motor sport it could equally work for lots of different types of outside broadcasts as well as on-board sports coverage.

It can be used in body worn, mobile and temporary fixed installations and is available for purchase or rental.

Chambers, who is also managing Director of Drivedata, said: “Drivedata pioneered the use of state-of-the-art COFDM digital transmission systems in mobile environments.

"The UK's first live broadcast from a racing car using this technology took place during a British Touring Car race in 2003 using a system supplied and installed by Drivedata.

"We have a continuing programme of R&D activity and our LL4 system is an exceptionally stable wireless video transmission system.”

The LL4 uses the digital COFDM (coded orthogonal frequency division multiplexing) modulation techniques and diversity reception to deliver high quality, low latency video images in conditions where traditional analogue FM methods fail.

The use of ultra low bandwidth ensures increased receiver sensitivity when compared with conventional analogue techniques.