From UHD and HDR to Rogue One and Logan, Michael Burns highlights some of the topics that will be covered during the conference sessions at NAB 2017.

SMPTE is co-producing the Future of Cinema Conference on 22-23 April – two full days of expert presentations delving into how technical innovation, artistic intent, evolving consumption and business models will interact to shape the future of cinema.

At the Ultra HD Broadcasting Comes of Age session on 24 April, representatives from 20th Century Fox, LG and Capitol Broadcasting Company will present their recommendations on managing transition to the next generation of audio and video content creation and delivery.

Turning Wolverine into Logan: The Editing Team Talks Collaboration is another big draw on 24 April.

The Marvel film’s editorial team take a deep dive into how they collaborated with the director and each other to tell the action-packed Wolverine story.

In Celebrity Executive Officers: How these CEOs Manage Reality on 24 April, radio and TV host Larry King interviews entrepreneurs and corporate chief executives who have transitioned their business successes into hit television series.

M.E.T. 360 Leaders Town Hall on 25 April puts the NAB 2017 theme up for debate. It will feature speakers from across broadcast, cable, digital video and sports properties, together with a range of content creators and programmers, discussing their latest product innovations and broadcast strategies.

Next Generation Image Making – Taking Content Creation to New Placeson 25 April is one to attend if you are into light field, volumetric capture, computational photography, real-time rendering and generative imaging.

Also notable is The Intriguing Tale of Amazon Prime Video’s The Man in The High Castle on 25 April, where executive producer Daniel Percival and cast member Joel de la Fuente discuss what made the show such a success, and how OTT series are changing the television landscape.

Timothy Olyphant Helped Me Raise $1m is a session on 25 April with the producer and Deadwood actor, discussing how brands, influencers and Web 2.0 platforms are using TV, video and radio to raise awareness and deliver real impact.

Also on 25 April is The NBA’s Golden Age of Innovation, where the NBA’s deputy commissioner, Mark Tatum, will discuss the everchanging landscape of sport and how the global business of the NBA is taking full advantage.

The Video Platforms of the Future panel on 25 April will bring together content experts from young and established media entities to discuss the next frontier of video content production, distribution and consumption.

John J Humphrey, vice-president of business development at Hitachi Kokusai, will explore key aspects of HDR during his presentation Emerging Technologies and Standards for High Dynamic Range on 25 April.

The session will also look at the multiple available HDR standards, and discuss the relationship between HDR, camera sensor implementations and human visual perception.

In Cybersecurity: What Can We Do to Secure Ourselves in the Current Cyber Landscape on 26 April, Arqiva chief information security offi cer and chair of the AIB Cyber Security Group Denis Onuoha leads a keynote discussing why the broadcast industry is a target for hackers, and what it can do to protect itself.

And finally, be sure the force is with you as you race for tickets for The Force Returns: Rogue One: A Star Wars Story Super Session on 26 April.

ILM chief creative officer and SFX legend John Knoll will be heading up a squadron of creatives revealing how ILM and Skywalker Sound balanced the new with the classic, using virtual production, proprietary Flux software, an innovative production pipeline and more.