Coverage of a Michael Jackson tribute concert that took place in October will not be shown by Sky until a dispute between the event organiser and one of its financiers is resolved.

Broadcast understands that OB firms Visions, Red TX and Holland-based Cinevideo have been dragged into the row and are yet to receive full payment for their work on the event, which was organised by Global Live Events.

One source closely involved with the OBs, who asked not to be named, said he believed “hundreds of thousands of pounds” are still owed to the OB firms collectively.

Michael Forever - The Tribute Concert was removed from the Sky 1 schedule at the last minute. At the time, Sky said it was pulled “due to circumstances beyond our control”.

At the heart of the dispute is a row between Global Live Events and one of its financiers, Quickdraw.

Media law firm Wiggin has written to the OB firms on behalf of Quickdraw, requesting that they do not pass on footage of the concert to Global Live Events or production company Iambic Media.

Chris Hunt is founder and chief executive of both Global Live Events and Iambic.

He told Broadcast there were “odd bits of money owed to some people”.

He said: “There is a dispute between Global Live Events and Quickdraw, which has affected Iambic in that Quickdraw withheld monies intended to be used for payments to suppliers.

“The actions of Quickdraw made it difficult for Iambic. However, the vast majority of invoices were paid within a week of presentation. There remain a small number of later invoices that are being dealt with at the moment.”

Visions, Red TX and Cinevideo declined to comment.