Nearline archive developer Object Matrix has introduced 10-gigabit Ethernet interfaces to its MatrixStore range.

Tthe 10-gigabit interface has been added to MatrixStore Enterprise nodes and its redundant internal network.

Initial speeds have ranged from 300Mbps for a single file to 1.8Gbps for multiple streams across a five-node node MatrixStore cluster, Object Matrix said.

Co-founder Nick Pearce said: “MatrixStore is and always has been about digital preservation, guaranteeing data availability and authenticity with little or no administration required.

“Our customers love that strength but they have also been asking us if we can go faster.

“We are very happy to announce that we can now provide both strength and speed in file-based workflows.”

The company has also introduced a new pricing structure which it said better reflected the falling costs of disk storage.

It is also scrapping its entry level 9TB MatrixStore node and replacing it with a 12TB node.

An update for Object Matrix’s archive plug-in InterConnect, developed to work with Avid Interplay, was also released at BVE this week.