Object Matrix is working with digital asset management company Square Box Media Solutions on a new post-production workflow set-up that allows facilities with both Apple and Avid software to manage their assets on a single archive storage product.

Announced at NAB in Las Vegas, the integration features the data storage software provider's MatrixStore and Square Box's CATDV products.

Nick Pearce, co-founder of Object Matrix said: “Not all organisations have built their post production workflows on one platform. A number of the organisations we deal with have a mix of Apple, Avid and Adobe in their infrastructure, the integration between CatDV and MatrixStore will remove the complexity of managing assets from those disparate platforms”.

Using The MatrixStore, digital assets are stored on server hardware with software to provide a “scalable, secure and cost effective method of archiving multimedia projects.” As ‘middleware' CatDV automates, tracks and simplifies the production workflows.

Ken Bell, sales director of Square Box Media Solutions, said: “Until now assets have lived on production disk or on some form of offline media, the MatrixStore will allow our customers to keep content online for longer periods making re-use and re-purposing of assets a real possibility"

CatDV has more than 3000 seats installed globally including clients such as the BBC.