On-Air Systems has unveiled the latest version of its automated playout solution playKast. The product brings storage, graphics, scheduling and output inside a single PC and is in use at TVN Poland and RTV Belgium among other broadcasters.

Version 4.15 includes some two Picture in Picture windows which means that for systems with two live inputs the picture-in-pictures can both be live, while systems with one live input can combine a live feed with two files or a file and a streaming event.

It is also now possible to schedule a secondary substream on an event to start at a predefined time from the beginning or from the end of the event. This states the company, provides a much more flexible and simplified way of scheduling secondary events.

In addition customers can schedule audio level changes during an event, allowing them to fade out a main track to a floor and add a full level voiceover. They can also separately schedule and mix four individual tracks in each audio output (up to 16 outputs), providing unprecedented control over audio.

On-Air averages around three new software releases a year. “You are going to end up with two types of automation: the traditional, server-based systems, and PC-based systems,” explains the firm’s CEO Mark Errington. “As developers of the original channel in a box solution, On-Air Systems is committed to maintaining its leadership in the market. We value our customers’ feedback and have incorporated many of their requests and suggestions into this latest set of new features to further improve their operations and workflows.”

Upgrades are available free of charge to all existing customers holding current support contracts.