BVE North: Oxygen DCT has introduced a range of fibre optic cables.

According to Oxygen DCT, the Smart Fibre cable range is the only system that features a Multimedia Interface (MMI) for signal and cable status and diagnostic information for checking fibre links and warning of potential errors.

On show for the first time in the UK at BVE North in Manchester, the MMI can be fitted at either end of a cable, centrally, or in a monitoring point in an engineering control room.

“The benefits of this system are obvious because any breakdown in the signal path can be immediately identified,” says Oxygen DCT managing director Steve Hathaway.

“It effectively gives broadcasters a safety net by alerting them to any signal failure problems in good time to take corrective action, which is import in fibre links because they may be carrying multiple channels of video, audio and other data on a single fibre.”