Vode has agreed a digital storage and distribution deal with Paramount Comedy to digitize and deliver 80 hours of content for the BT Vision platform.

The UK-based digital content processing facility for IPTV and VoD will ingest, store, create metadata, re-purpose and deliver Paramount content digitally to BT for its on-demand service.

Titles include South Park, Comedy Blue, Just For Laughs, 70's Show and World Stands Up.

The deal also enables Paramount Comedy to sell their content worldwide to other IPTV and VoD platforms.

Paramount supplied Vode with the content in digibeta tape format. This was digitised and is now stored in the VodeVault, serving as Paramount's ‘virtual archive' for this content.

Vode creates high-resolution digital files from any physical media from HDcam SR to digibeta, Beta SP and 1-inch tape.

All files are stored in the VodeVault, and once a company has signed a deal with a distributor - be it IPTV, VoD or mobile operator - Vode can deliver a duplicate file to the platform in whatever format they require.

Vode has also worked with Joost, Jalipo and Babelgum.