Test and measurement manufacturer OmniTek has sold four XR image analysis systems to Pepper for use in its newly refurbished post production facility in Geek Street, London.

Pepper will use the OmniTek XRs for integrity checks in various high profile projects.

The XR has already been used by Pepper on Sky One Drama, The Colour of Magic and the new feature film Three and Out.

Scott Holmgren, head of operations at Pepper said: “In addition to familiarity with the user interface, we also liked the flexibility of the XR as it allows our editors and colourists to view the signal however they prefer.

“Because it is a PC based system, the configuration of the XR also enables us to route through to any of our multiple finishing rooms - effectively giving us a ‘scope in each room' along with the associated cost savings.”

The OmniTek XR is designed for colorists and post-production editors working in a high- definition environment.

It provides users with compatible monitoring equipment for the HD and High Resolution image formats and colour spaces to offering analysis of the colourimetry and levels of the specific material processed.

“The image formats being handled in post-production are rapidly changing with HD, dual-link, 2k and 4k resolutions are all becoming commonplace, while additional colour spaces such as XYZ are beginning to emerge. We have met the need to monitor these formats,” explained Roger Fawcett, managing director, OmniTek.

Pepper is a film and television broadcast data and HD post production facility based in Soho. The company specialises in DVD authoring, visual effects and editing

The company's TV credits include Waking the Dead VII and He Kills Coppers (pictured).