The concept of upcoming Channel 4 sitcom Pete Versus Life is that two sports commentators, Colin and Terry, discuss every move that sports journalist Pete makes, both verbally and in on-screen graphics.

Once the series was in the can, Channel 4 online producer James Rutherford approached producer Objective about offering viewers the chance to experience life as Pete does.

Together with digital agency Ralph, they came up with a Facebook app that enables users of the site to assemble a one-minute video in which the commentators assess their own Facebook profiles.

Using Facebook Connect to pull in profile details including pictures, users can choose from their friendship group, and by stating the context of their relationships, enable the commentators to produce a series of sports graphics that illustrate each person’s ‘life stats’.

The actors playing the commentators have been recorded saying 500 names, which will be used to personalise messages to users.

The app will be launched on around the same time as the show debuts on 6 August.

Developers Channel 4, Objective Productions and digital agency Ralph
Producers Phil Clarke, James Rutherford
URL via from early August