A groundbreaking technique using 200 HD cameras manipulated to create a 3D motion effect has been employed for the first time in a new£3m TV spot.

The technique, dubbed “time sculpture”, is described as a progression of the “bullet-time” effect pioneered for the film The Matrix.

It was devised by production company Hungry Man and director Mitch Stratten in conjunction with advertising agency Grey and facility The Mill for Toshiba.

The sequence required a purpose-built circular rig, weighing over half a tonne, to house 200 Toshiba Gigashot HD camcorders.

Four focus pullers spent three days aligning the cameras, which were triggered to record simultaneously as the rig rotated around the action.

Compositors at The Mill stitched together 25 still frames of video per second from individual cameras to provide a looping 360 degree view.

The Mill wrote software to transcode the video into Avid-readable Targa files. Over 20,000 gigabytes of data took 336 continuous hours to render.

The campaign markets new Toshiba technology in its of LCD TVs which “upscales” standard-definition to near HD quality.