Pixelmetrix has signed an agreement that will see its Electronic Couch Potato (ECP) monitoring tool rolled out across Virgin Media’s digital cable TV network.

The ECP is a programmable test robot that monitors the customer viewing experience by providing measurements from the end point of the content delivery chain.  

It connects after the set top box and emulates an end-user changing channels via a built-in infrared transmitter.  

Feedback on various service quality parameters is provided to a central site and results can give service providers an insight into the viewer experience and confirm the availability of subscribed-to channels.

Virgin Media head of TV operations Alistair Crook said: “Having seen a demonstration of the ECP, it was clear to us how such a device, when tailored for our need to accurately audit our TV packages, could greatly enhance our monitoring strategy.  We are intending to roll out the ECP system for multiple package auditing in our Central Digital headend and are eager to trial the units for regional deployment.“

An automated channel package auditing feature provides quality assurance and monitoring of multi-region networks with central headends.

Pixelmetrix chief executive Danny Wilson said: “The automated package auditing application provided by the ECP improves content provider confidence while reducing OPEX.”

Pixelmetrix’s UK distributor Digi-Box will work closely with the Pixelmetrix R&D and support team to oversee deployment and operations of the ECPs on-site.