Indian post-production company Pixion has paid more than£1m to buy Men From Mars.

Pixion picks up 100% of the company, its 25 staff and all its assets. It was previously owned* by facility group Barcud Derwen and Men from Mars founders Simon Frame and Phil Attfield.

Frame and Attfield will retain strategic and managerial control of the digital visual effects and DI company and both will continue as board directors.

Tom Horton, who joined the Ealing-based company last April, has also been made a board director and becomes managing director in London.

The acquisition means Men from Mars can bid on bigger VFX-driven movies. According to Horton, it also means the company “can invest in infrastructure and leading talent and scale the pipeline on the larger projects”.

Visual effects work will be sent to and from India. A Pixion spokesperson said: “So far, the workflow has been such that a lead artist in the UK guides a team of Mumbai-based compositors through a scene.”

Men from Mars will be developing Matchmoving, 3D animation and rendering pipelines in the coming months. The company will also provide services to shows originating in India.

Pixion, which currently employs 350 people, is looking to acquire further VFX companies within the UK market.

Men from Mars has Marple, Monarch of the Glen and A Very Social Secretary (pictured) amongst its many credits.

*Barcud Derwen previously owned 75% of Men from Mars. The other 25% was owned by Frame and Attfield.