NAB 2015: PlayBox Technology has joined the NewTek Developer Network.

The move enables the PlayBox Technology TitleBox IP graphics system to be integrated with NewTek’s line of TriCaster multi-camera video production systems.

TitleBox IP allows TriCaster operators to create and deliver animated graphics for programme titling and channel branding with real-time on-air control.

It allows for multi-layered, simultaneous crawls, rolls, animated logos, clocks and text templates.

TitleBox IP provides live control of all adjustable graphic parameters, including text selection, running speed and transitions.

The TitleBox IP output stream is automatically recognised by TriCaster as a source for graphics overlay.

TitleBox IP can be operated via a standard desktop or laptop PC.

Connecting directly to an existing network, it allows pre-constructed or live title and channel branding graphics to be streamed into an IP network without the need for external video inputs for key and fill.

“We’re pleased to welcome PlayBox Technology, an innovator and leader in broadcast playout and channel branding, into the NewTek Developer Network,” said NewTek executive vice president of business development Michael Kornet.

“This integration with TriCaster gives our customers expanded title and channel logo graphics animation capabilities.”

SocialMediaBox is an add-on to TitleBox IP.

Accessed via a web browser, SocialMediaBox enables production and presentation teams to incorporate comments from multiple social network feeds into ready-for-broadcast streams that feed into TitleBox IP for display.

PlayBox Technology chief executive Vassil Lefterov added: “TitleBox is one of the most popular and successful elements of our product range, providing character generation and channel branding at thousands of sites around the world.

“TitleBox IP makes these capabilities available to a growing number of broadcasters who are using NewTek’s TriCaster to generate and stream supplementary program content, as well as video creatives who are establishing online vertical-market television channels.”