Airspeeder’s Stephen Sidlo joins Base’s Ben Foakes to talk about how they are creating an end-to-end digital media workflow for the flying car race

Airspeeder PODCAST

Airspeeder head of media Stephen Sidlo joins Base CEO Ben Foakes to talk to Broadcast Tech & Sport Group editorial director Jake Bickerton about how they are capturing and handling broadcast and a host of digital content during the inaugural season of Airspeeder flying car races.

Airspeeder is the world’s first racing series for flying electric cars. The first competitive races are with the remotely piloted EXA Series, which navigate tracks in the sky in a series of close-proximity races.

Airspeeder and Base work together to create an end-to-end digital media workflow, which handles digital media content to be distributed online and used on social media. It also takes care of the analytical data for the robot Aviators that takes the place of pilots. They digitally receive remote inputs and mimic the movements of the human pilot on the ground.

The series includes multiple teams, with multiple craft transmitting data that needs to be processed, tagged and stored. The isolated locations where the races take place require flexible, scalable applications that can be scaled up and down as demand fluctuates on race days.