Visual effects for the drama’s second series

VFX Lexhag

Client Mammoth Screen

Brief Visual effects for the drama’s second series.

How it was done To create Wheal Grace mine, the art team made changes to the structures that surround the Wheal Leisure location in Cornwall, using VFX to add an operational pump.

VFX supervisor Alexis Haggar worked with the production team on the best angle to see the machine in action.

Ken Turner, a senior generalist, then built the pump in 3ds Max and composited it into the scene using Blackmagic Design Fusion.

Another shot involved bringing the interior of the operational mine to life. For this, Lexhag VFX’s camera unit spent a day fi lming foreground plates at the London Museum of Water & Steam.

These were then composited within a digital mine set.

The cast, shot in front of a blue screen, were added at the doorway, watching the moving pump.

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