Four new mobile production tools from Polecam will make their UK debut at Broadcast Video Expo next year.

The Dumbell counterweight interface, a full frontal filter attachment system, a 3D dead dual-camera mount and the FishFace swim-alone underwater housing are all additions to the Polecam itself.

Full details are:

FishFace swim-alone underwater housing
FishFace is a combined underwater head and waterproof HD/SD camera housing for the Polecam rig. The waterproof housing will be offered for the first time for use with whatever immersion support the camera operator chooses.

3D Head dual-camera mount
The Polecam 3D Head enables two miniature broadcast-quality HD or SD cameras to be mounted side by side. User-adjustable features include the distance between each camera and the left/right forward viewing angles.

Full Frontal filter attachment system
Full Frontal allows easy attachment of front-mounting lens filters, hoods and accessories to broadcast-quality miniature HD/SD cameras. Eliminating the need to place filters between the lens and the image-splitter, it makes filter adjustment fast and efficient.

Dumbell counterweight interface
The Dumbell allows mobile camera crews to achieve a substantial reduction in airline baggage charges by leaving their Polecam counterweights at home and sourcing low-cost sport-practise weights at their destination; Dumbell is a mechanical interface which allows these to be attached, adjusted and removed quickly and easily.

The Polecam - a long-reach transportable camera rig - was invented and developed by extreme sports cameraman and director Steffan Hewitt.

Broadcast Video Expo takes place from 17 to 19 February 2009 at Earls Court in London.