Move Live provides more comprehensive solution than company’s single-camera Move One product

Move Live - Racquet Studios 2

Move AI has launched Move Live, a four-eight camera markerless mocap solution.

Move Live uses AI, computer vision, biomechanics, and physics to extract data from video and automatically retarget the data to a character rig, and create a virtual character that can mirror human motion in real-time. It can capture people in a 10m x 10m space using four to eight cameras, with less than 100ms latency. 

Set up time is one hour, with one minute needed to calibrate, and it can be set up for solo operation “walk on, walk off” productions. It also features an Unreal Engine 5 plugin, as well as post processing through the Move Engine, and is on-prem and hardware agnostic.

Move Live joins Move AI’s other mocap products, including Move One, a single-camera mocap app for iPhones that was launched last year. It is currently being used by customers including Improbable for live performances in the metaverse, and the creative agency OMM to power retail activations, with virtual production and broadcast TV also named as potential use cases. 

Brian Bosche, VP of marketing and revenue at Move AI, said: “People are engaging in 3D digital experiences more than ever before, but current 3D workflows are notoriously time-consuming, difficult, and expensive. Move Live enables studios and brands to create more engaging digital experiences and accelerate the 3D animation process.”