Company has automated compliance for creative studio

Untold Studios Doctor Who Meep

Untold Studios has selected Lacework to secure its cloud environment.

A fully cloud-based creative studio, Untold Studios has used Lacework’s platform to fully automate its compliance with the Motion Picture Association (MPA) with custom reports directly built in the Lacework platform. It has also used it to secure ephemeral environments such as Amazon Web Services Spot Instances as Untold Studios spins up instances, creates visuals to complete a project, and then tears the instances down.

Founded in 2018, Untold has doubled in size over the past 12 months, and opened an LA facility in 2022. It recently completed VFX work on the 60th anniversary Doctor Who specials.

Sam Reid, CTO of Untold Studios, said: “Part of what makes Untold Studios so special is how we lean into technology to innovate on behalf of our clients, and being an entirely cloud-based studio is a key driver. Lacework is a great security partner on our journey because of its ability to provide security at cloud scale, giving us the confidence that our operations are secure so we can focus on moving fast to deliver the best creative output possible.”

Ryan Sheldrake, field CTO EMEA at Lacework, added: “Untold Studios is known for being an industry-leading creative studio behind content loved by millions, but they are also an impressive technology organization that operates like an elite tech startup. Lacework is proud to be a security partner, allowing Untold Studios to use the cloud to deliver breathtaking creative projects knowing their environments are secure.”