Quantel is making the latest version of Imagica's Primatte keyer plug-in available to users of its iQ, eQ and Pablo systems.

The Primatte keyer, which has just been nominated for an Academy Award for Scientific and Technical excellence, is now on version 4 which is reputed to be “faster and easier to use than its predecessor.”

It also includes many new features including improved spill, matte and detail sampling tools; floating point/integer calculations; new keyer viewing and degrain tools; and new matte extractions.

“The Primatte keyer is one of the most popular plug-ins available on Quantel eQ, iQ and Pablo systems,” said Steve Owen, Quantel marketing director.

Primatte version 4 is available now as an upgrade to all existing Quantel Pablo, eQ, iQ and QEffects users running version 4 software, and as an option on all new systems.