Prime Focus has created an executive management board as part of a restructure of its UK business.

The board will be made up of global chief operating officer Anshul Doshi, financial director Neil Barnett, consultant Michael Elson and UK managing director Simon Briggs.

Its purpose will be to monitor, evaluate and direct the business performance of its London operations and help formulate strategies for its London divisions: Commercials, Broadcast, Film, Content Services, Visual Effects and View-D

At the same time, commercial director Daniel Sapiano and executive producer Romilly Endacott have been appointed as joint managing directors for the UK commercials division.

Briggs said: “The management restructure and senior appointments are designed to give us a combination of strong, direct operational management within the individual divisions and strategic executive management overall.

“This will allow us to aggressively grow our core businesses whilst exploring other creative business opportunities.”