Equipment hire and crewing firm Procam Television will move to a new purpose-built facility in April.

The new premises, which are close to its existing Battersea base, will be easier to get to, less susceptible to break-ins and will be a ‘nicer place to work.'

There will be two units; vehicles, crew and testing bays will be housed in one, and kit, bookings and technicians in the other.

The units will cover 7,500 square feet and 1,300 square feet of space respectively. This is slightly less than the current building, but the better layout means the space will be used more efficiently.

Co-owner Cal Barton told Broadcast: “We like to continuously improve things and this new building will be more convenient for clients.

“In our current premises access can be difficult because of the road layout. Lorries from other companies block the road and clients sometimes have to wait. The new place eliminates that problem. Security will also be tighter. In the new building one of our neighbours is Securicor so there'll be cameras keeping watch.”

Procam is also completing investment in new rental stock that began early last year. The investment includes new Sony PDW-700 XDCAM HD422 and Sony EX1 camcorders, HD lenses, lighting kit, radio mics.

Procam credits include Paul Merton in India and Ice Patrol for Five.