The BBC's new production system - One Vision - which is being pioneered in the natural history unit over the next nine months, will be the template for a complete re-organisation of the way the BBC makes programmes, according to BBC director of production
Speaking at a conference on broadcast content management last week, Romaine said: 'We want a production system for the whole BBC that encompasses the programme production cycle from commissioning to transmission and covers all our business systems - it will be a true end-to-end system that runs the business.'Key to the strategy is the concept of making as much use as possible of the people involved in the production process and the material they shoot. Even if a major series is the core commission, Romaine reckons there could be many opportunities for spin offs.'The analogy is the whisky business, where nothing is wasted - in TV a shooting ratio of 20:1 is average - but what do we do with the other 19? Even if half of it is junked because it's not usable, we've got a fantastic opportunity to do something with that material, in terms of planning extra programmes right from the start of the production process,' she said.