P+S Technik will show a new 3D field recorder at IBC to go with the SI-3D stereo camera system that it developed in conjunction with Silicon Imaging.

The prototype recorder is capable of recording, monitoring and playing back stereoscopic 3D footage.

It features an Intel Quadcore CPU, removable RAID-SSD, an 8-inch touchscreen monitor, HD-SDI output and CineForm coding and is designed to run approved SI-3D software.

The SI-3D camera system (pictured) uses two SI-2K mini cameras and offers filmmakers built-in tools for checking and adjusting camera alignment and parallax shift between the two views.

Silicon Imaging chief executive Ari Presler said: “The SI-3D streamlines the entire stereo-3D content acquisition and post production process.

“Combining two cameras into a single control, processing and recording platform enables shooting and instant playback like a traditional 2D camera with the added tools needed on-set to analyze and adjust the lighting, color, flip orientation and stereo depth effects.” 

P+S Technik is exhibiting at 11.E28 and 7.D07 at IBC 2010.