Production companies seeking in-depth ratings analysis on the performance of their shows are being offered a free consultancy service at BVE.

The Barb-approved firm Attentional will be offering production companies and broadcasters a detailed report download on how their programme content is performing in the TV schedules.

The complimentary service will also include a free trial of the firm’s online research tool, Aqua.

According to company’s business development manager Ben Philpott, broadcasters, indies and distributors use the firm’s data for development, research, commissioning pitches, internal reports and press releases.

Existing clients include the RDF Media group, which subscribes to the firm’s overnights daily email report service.

According to RDF publicity manager Rachel Davidson, Aqua has been used by RDF Rights on properties such as Waybuloo to “boost the confidence of existing licensees and encourage new licensees to come on board.”

Davidson added: “The major benefit of using Aqua is being able to run any number of reports that are tailored to the specific needs of a programme by focusing on relevant criteria, be it demographics or programme comparisons.”

Alongside its automated services, Attentional also provides high level consulting to broadcasters, channel owners and production companies.

Attentional is based on Stand L52.